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Be at your best wherever you travel. MidnightSun is an advanced tool for maximizing your performance and health by helping you rapidly adapt your sleep-wake cycle to any place on the planet.

The key is controlling your exposure to light. MidnightSun tells you when to seek light and when to avoid being exposed to light.

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The scientific basis for resetting the sleep-wake cycle by light is fully described in "The Clocks That Time Us: Physiology of the Circadian Timing System" by Moore-Ede, MC. Sulzman FM and Fuller, CA, Harvard University Press, 1982. The original development of MidnightSun is described in MidnightSun: Software for Determining Light Exposure and Phase-Shifting Schedules During Global Travel by Houpt, TA, Boulos, Z, and Moore-Ede, MC, Physiology & Behavior, Vol. 59, 561-568, 1996.

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Plan your sleep and exposure to light to minimize jet lag and maximize performance.

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